June 28

Large Groups of Kids Interact with One Small Dog


My house is the gathering place for the neighborhood. Yesterday we had 16 kids here. It doesn’t seem fair to put my dachshund in her crate or in my bedroom because this is her home. She should be allowed to go where she pleases, but I find it really stressful to supervise a large group of kids around her. ~ Kelly

Sixteen kids? Wow, that would be challenging for any dog. When kids are around, dogs are treated like celebrities–the kids all clamor for the dog’s attention. While you are right that it is her home, your pup might be far happier to have some quiet time in her crate with a chew toy when your house gets chaotic.

When you have a smaller crowd, keep your dog out for only part of the time. Let the kids do a little training with her. Give them each a few treats and allow them to reward her for sitting or coming when called. Then take her away and give her some downtime so that she can recharge and the kids can move on to something else.

A special reminder about little dogs, do not allow the kids to pick her up. Kids want to pick up dogs and cuddle with them. Dogs often learn that wiggling and/or snapping will get them put down quickly. This is dangerous for both the child and the dog. A common fallacy is that there are good dogs and bad dogs, but situations like this show that good dogs can certainly have bad moments, just as people do.


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