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Dog Behavior Continuum

Nobody is happy all the time. We each have our good moments and our bad moments. It's important to remember that dogs do too. Rather than look at dog behavior is simply aggressive or nonaggressive, it's far better to see it as a continuum ranging from Enjoyment to Tolerance to Enough Already (and back again).

At this very moment, is your dog in a state of Enjoyment, Tolerance, or Enough Already?

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Look for the six stress signals shown on right side of this page. You'll see them over and over. Recognizing that these signals have meaning is an important part of effective supervision.




Six Stress Signals You Should Know

These stress signals all fall within the yellow zone: Tolerance. They are your call to action.

Don't wait for your dog to show signs of escape, avoidance, or aggression before you intervene.

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